3 Home Remedies for Cold

honey used as a cold remedyCold is one of the most common problems occurs because of various reasons such as climate change, virus, and allergic reactions. The causes of cold might vary from one to other people, but there are some common home remedies for cold to treat and cure very quickly, so you no need to go for hospital and taking pills to clear common cold. Here, we’re going to know about 3 home remedies for cold that requires only the ingredients that available in your kitchen.

  1. Honey with onion syrup

We all know the healthy benefits of honey, but you know onion contains both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to heal the infection of cold. So, if you take honey with onion syrup, then you get rid of cold very quickly.

  1. Hot ginger tea

Ginger tea is mainly used to lose weight and also to refreshing mind and body. But, the hot ginger tea also helps to cure a cold in the winter season. There are some substances such as capsaicin and piperine of ginger clears cold and its symptoms. Apart from that, you can drink ginger tea on regular basis to completely get rid of common cold occurs because of allergic and climate changes.

  1. Essential steam

Getting hot steam is the traditional way of healing a common cold, but instead of using common hot water, you can also use essential oils to cure a cold. In order to prepare essential steam, take tea tree oil and add the boiled water and start to get steam to your nose.

From these 3 methods, you can choose any one to heal a common cold. However, if you have a continuous cold, then it is better to consult about it with your doctor to know the proper causes of cold. So, at first, check the causes and then try home remedies to get better results.

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